Youngblood Elite League:  Jan 4th-March 7th  


2020 Updated Standings, Stats, & Stat Leaders.

All-Time Scoring & 3pt Leaders-


2019 Players of the Week:

Player of the Week 3/2:

5th Grade-Adam Bywater(Hoops Elite)

6th Grade-Jaxon Soto (Utah Titans)-1st player in league history to score 40pts in a game

7th Grade-Dutch Dowdell(Utah Heat), Easton Ralphs(Utah Elite 7th)

8th Grade-Max Toombs(Xavier Elite)

Player of the Week 2/23:

5th Grade-Tie-Kai Wesley(Utah Drive) & Carlo Mulford(Salt City Hustle)

6th Grade-Isiah Harwell(Hardknox 6th Premier)

7th Grade-Tie-Brody Kozlowski(Salt City Hustle) & Carter Dolac(Shockwave)

8th Grade-Ethan Hartsfield(SL Grind)

Player of the Week 2/9:

5th Grade-Saxon Young(Lone Peak)

6th Grade-Gavin Lowe(Utah Premier 12U)

7th Grade-Jayden Haskell(Utah Elite 7th)

8th Grade-Michael Mitton(Utah Elite 8th)

Player of the Week 2/2:

5th Grade-Mason Hansen(Club Utah Elite)

6th Grade-Tie-Stockton Blanchard(UBC Elite) & Jason Peterson(Utah Titans)

7th Grade-Tanner Davis(CV Bulls)

8th Grade-Logan Deal(CV Hoyas)

Player of the Week 1/26:

5th Grade-Tyse Boman(Hoops Elite)

6th Grade-Will Pedersen(Utah Titans)

7th Grade-Rhett Robinson(Spartans)

8th Grade-Chudi Anosike(Xavier Elite)

Player of the Week 1/19:

5th Grade-Karter Miller (Utah Hardknox)

6th Grade-Malakai Philip (All Poly)

7th Grade-Grayson Brousseau (Utah Heat)

8th Grade-Quinten Meza (Cyprus)

Player of the Week 1/12:

5th Grade-Tie-Zak Paepke (Utah Swat) & Dash Reiser (Salt City Hustle)

6th Grade- Carter Nielson (Murray Hoops)

7th Grade- Lance Reynolds (Utah Drive)

8th Grade- Alex Fisher (Exum Elite)

Player of the Week 1/5:

5th Grade- Braxton Reboutis (UBC)

6th Grade-Xian Brown (Utah Swat)

7th Grade- Tie Sefa Brown (Salt City Hustle) & Brogan Miles (Blue Devils)

8th Grade- Yorgio Golesis (Utah Force Red)

The Youngblood Elite League is an invite only league for the top teams in 8th, 7th, 6th, & 5th grade with the winner receiving championship T-shirts. Teams come from all across Utah to play in this highly competitive league. The league in its 9th year, keeps weekly stats, awards player of the week & all league players. In addition, all players can participate in the free shooting and ball handling clinic.  


  • This event is licensed by AAU, all participants must have a current AAU membership
  • AAU membership must be obtained before competition begins and AAU rosters must be emailed to:
  • Registration deadline is Nov 5th